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The General And Me is the story about me, an enlisted member of the USAF, an airplane, and a three star general. In 1954, I was sent overseas to the Northeast Air Command (NEAC), where I was assigned to the crew of the commanding general’s aircraft, a VC-54E serial number 44-9076. An assignment that lasted until the command was deactivated in 1957.

The Northeast Air Command consisted of six bases that were located in Newfoundland, Labrador and Greenland, along with the Danish settlements, Mastervick and Nord. The NEAC bases were visited monthly by the NEAC commander, Lieutenant General Glenn O. Barcus.

During every take-off and landing, the general was in the pilot’s seat. The General And Me includes witnessed accounts of flying with the general in every imaginable situation.

There were some thoughtless behavior and substandard duties performed by subordinates that came to the general’s attention. While the reader will find them humorous, they were mentally terrifying for the individual involved. The general’s three star rank and well-known reputation struck fear and intimidation into the hearts of the weak and strong alike.


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