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The Pyrate MenaceIn the early 19th century, the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean Sea were dangerous waters for the British Merchant fleet. Jean Lafitte’s pyrates and the ruthless Cuban sea rovers took their toll on British commerce in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. To combat this, the Royal Navy refurbished a captured frigate, removed the name from the stern and painted all but its yards, masts and decks black. It was re-commissioned HMS Thor. The Royal Navy assigned one of its most aggressive post captains and battle-tested crews dressed as ordinary seamen to man it. In short, it was disguised as a merchant ship. Its commission--destroy the pyrates.
It is the story of a young Royal Navy Post Captain, Arthur Allen. He falls in love with a beautiful woman just before he is assigned command of HMS Thor. The reader accompanies him on his voyage to the Caribbean Sea that is threatened by treacherous storms at sea; pyrate attacks at night, and a paranormal visitor. He returns to England a year and a half later and marries his beloved Cassandra. Post Captain Arthur Allen sails into the War of 1812 with HMS THOR painted on the ships stern.

The Pyrate Menace was written as historical fiction, however, many of the names are factual. The locations and sea adventures are taken from real life experiences.Take a brief look at 19th century England then come on board HMS Thor for a voyage of realistic adventure.

The Pyrate Menace is a comprehensive and accurate revision of Excalibur copyrighted in 2006.

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