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ArthurBorn on an island heightens the interest in boating and sailing, to feel the salty spray against the skin, and the unstable feeling of the roll and pitch of a ship's deck under foot. My life began on the small island of Galveston, located off the Texas coast. The same spit of land that the French pirate Jean Lafitte named Campeachy in 1817.

During one assignment in the Air Force, I made many flights over the Arctic Circle including flights over the geographical North Pole. While stationed in Europe, I flew over the arid deserts and isolated areas of Africa and the Middle East on humanitarian missions. As a writer, I sailed the Gulf of Mexico with brief voyages into the Caribbean Sea. I traveled thousands of miles in the United States, Mexico, and Europe to ensure the details described in my Ebooks.Days in the Air Force

One of my assignments in the USAF was to evaluate jet engine performance. My primary civilian occupation was to transform engineering data into technical manuals. An avid history buff since high school, I changed my writing style to literary prose, my favorite genre being historical fiction.

After retirement, I met Kenneth Hendricks, the great, great grandson of Davy Crockett. I persuaded Ken to write the Foreword for my book, A Tradition Texans Didn't Forget.

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