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A Tradition Texans Didn't Forget


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History records three flags flew at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas in 1836. The 'home made' New Orleans Grey's flag: azure blue in color with gold fringe on three sides with large black letters that read "First Company of Texan Volunteers! From New Orleans." In the center a flying eagle carried a ribbon in its beak that read "God and Liberty." Another was a five-dollar flag of unrecorded design that Colonel William Travis bought on his way to San Antonio. The third flag was a Mexican tricolor with two stars in the center that signified the Mexican states of Coahuila and Texas.New Oreans Grey's Flag

On the morning of March 6th only one flag was flying--the New Orleans Grey's flag. There is no record of the fate of the other two flags. The battle for the Alamo was of short duration. The Mexican Army of Operations had only to slay the 183 Alamo defenders, although it cost the Mexican army some 600 killed and wounded.

General Santa Anna sent the New Orleans Grey's flag, accompanied by a miltiary escort, to Mexico City. It was stored in the Chapultepec Castle, where it remained hidden from the world until 1934, when Dr. Louis Ledon discovered it in the basement.

It was a common tradition for the victorious army to take the defeated army's flag. It was a tradition Texans didn't forget.

Many formal attempts were made by the United States Government to obtain custody of this national treasure, but to no avail. In 1950, the American Congress enacted "S.J. Resolution 133 that returned the flags and emblems taken by the United States Army during the Mexican-American War." For an unknown reason, it was stipulated, "Mexico is not required to return any United States of America emblems now held by Mexico."

Two native Texans, outraged by the irresponsible wording of S.J. Resolution 133, combine their talents to develop and execute an elaborate plan that returns the remnant of the New Orleans Grey's flag to the Alamo.

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